Seminar on education in higher education

A seminar at Waldorf University College in Stockholm, 16th of April 2018

13.00 - 17.30 Seminar on education in higher education
Welcome and introduction by Caroline Bratt
Contributions by Dag Nome and Arve Mathisen

NORENSE and the future of Nordic Waldorf Steiner educational research

A Conference at Rudol Steiner University College, Oslo, Norway 27th November 2017

10.00 - 12.00 NORENSE and the future of Nordic Waldorf Steiner educational research
Welcome and introduction by Arve Mathisen
Eli Tronsmo : From Waldorf teacher to researcher
Henrik Holm : Developing research competence
Caroline Bratt : Research and the Nordic higher Waldorf Steiner educational institutions 
Presentation round : Who are we, and what are our plans and visions?

12.00  - 13.00 Lunch at RSUC

13.00 - 14.00 NORENSE and the future of Nordic Waldorf Steiner educational research
Closing words by Caroline Bratt

The value of educational research

A Conference at Snellman College, Helsinki, Finland 7th April 2017


13.00 Opening of the seminar, Jan-Erik Mansikka, Marja-Leena Ilmonen, Pia Pale
13. 10 Importance of research in Waldorf education, Arve Mathisen, Associate Professor, Rudolf Steiner University College, Norway. Presentation of NORENSE, and news from the Education in Time research project
13. 55 'Inquiry', Pia Pale
14.00 Aesthetics in childhood: art and play in an existential perspective. Pauline von Bonsdorff, Professor, Art Education, Jyväskylä University link

14.45 Coffee break

15.15 What should be studied in Waldorf-education?  Results of an inquiry among Waldorf teachers in Finland, Jan-Erik Mansikka, KT, University of Helsinki link
15.30 Panel-discussion, Nordic perspectives. Four members of NORENSE will discuss the topics brought up. What is worth to be studied?
15.50 Open space: Research topics: We use this time to do some brainstorming. Pick up the topic that interests you most, those who have the same interest will follow you. Discuss, collect points, questions, anything that comes to your mind and write the ideas down!

NORENSE seminar 18th of November 2016
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Marius Wahl Gran: The use of blackboard in waldorf schools, presentation based on his RSUC master thesis link

Bengt Ahlin: The meaning and relevance of colour as part of the educational environment, presentation based on his RSUC master thesis link

Ruhi Tyson: Moral imagination in an educational context. Aesthetic education as basis for moral imagination. The potential of narratives for professional development in schools and teacher education, presentation based on his ongoing PhD project


A Conference about the role of Music in Education

Rudolf Steiner University College (RSUC) Oslo, Norway | Monday 14 March 2016

The conference contains lectures and discussions that will illuminate several aspects of music in education. We are welcoming music teachers and others with a specific interest in the role of music in compulsory education as well as in teacher education. The conference combines presentations and discussions with music contributions and participation.

Nordic Research Network for Steiner Education (NORENSE) is arranging and sponsoring the conference. An important task for NORENSE is to establish meeting points for researchers from different pedagogical traditions and contribute to debates and exchange of experiences. The intention of this conference is to deepen insights of music as a subject in education, to inspire and to reflect on the theme. Educators and researchers from different academic traditions will participate and give a wide range of perspectives on the subject:

Professor Øivind Robert Varkøy, Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH): What is Music Good for? Justifications of music education - from Plato to the present. Varkøy is trained both as a musicologist and as a music educator, and his special interest is philosophy of music education and music. He has published a number of books and articles in this field. Assistant Professor Mary Barratt-Due, RSUC: Can your body sing? The Integrated voice. Preliminary results of a research project about music education at RSUC. Barratt-Due is trained both as an eurythmist and as a musician. She has been teaching music in both compulsory school and teacher education. She is working on a research project about how the music education affects the students in their teacher/preschool teacher training at the RSUC. Teacher and researcher Torbjørn Eftestøl, Oslo by steinerskole: Phenomenology of Audial Experience in Music Education. Eftestøl's presentation is based on his research project, funded by NORENSE. Teacher and author Hanne Weisser, Rudolf Steinerskolen i Oslo: Why Do we Teach Music in Steiner/Waldorf Schools? Weisser has published several books and will share perspectives from her long and broad experience with music education in Steiner schools. 

Conference fee: NOK 750,- (incl. lunch). Detailed programme (pdf)

Hanne Weisser's conference lecture in Norwegian: Hvorfor underviser vi musikk på Steinerskolen - hvorfor synger og spiller vi? link

NORENSE seminar 15th of March 2015
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Fabio Bento: Complexity and change in Waldorf schools: a narrative study into perceptions of decision-making processes

Arve Mathisen: Education in Time - A Nordic research project studying time, timing and temporality in education

NORENSE seminar 9th of February 2014
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Sara Fröden: Gender and ritualization in a Swedish Waldorf kindergarten

Henrik Sørensen: Inter-organizational learning between three special schools with different values

NORENSE seminar 10th of February 2013
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Leif Tjärnstig: Didactic development in classroom using the Learning study model

Dag Nome - research within the field of early childhood education/kindergarten

Nordic Research Strategies and PhD level Conference 14th of March 2012
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Arve Mathisen: Inter-Nordic research as means of development of a reflexive culture, school development and teacher education in Waldorf Schools. Needs, results and possible future objectives

Jan-Erik Maniskka: Dichotomies of cultures. Waldorf pedagogy and academic discourses, praxis -theory, normativity- critical reflexive.

Ingrid Carlgren: The value and relevance of researching Waldorf praxis. Perspectives from contemporary educational research.

Aksel Hugo: First step towards a Nordic network for PhD studies. Sketches of a new initiative.

NORENSE seminar Saturday 28th of January 2012
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Anne Mette Stabel: Waldorf ideas of formative education. A presentation of her PhD-work on the Waldorf school curriculum and its historical background.

Bo Dahlin: Our posthuman futures and education: Homo Zappiens, Cyborgs, and the New Adam

NORENSE seminar Saturday January 29th 2011
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Lise Granlund: Research on teacher education: Challenges and benefits in doing research on Waldorf education as an 'outsider'. Examples from empirical research on Waldorf Teacher Education in Norway

Aksel Hugo: Competences and Genius in Teacher Education

Bo Dahlin: Status and development of RoSE (The Research Journal)

Leif Tjärnstig: Cooperation between WLH and Crossfields Institute

NORENSE seminar Saturday 30th of January 2010
At the Waldorf University College in Stockholm

Presentations and discussions


Bo Dahlin: The Importance of Research in Waldorf Education

Wilfried Sommer: How Research in Steiner Education is supported in Germany